Designed to utilize the latest components and advanced membrane 万博3.0下载 , this system will ensure success and savings in all product applications.


Pure Quality Reverse Osmosis Flyer
Pure Quality Reverse Osmosis Manual
Pure Quality Delivery Stand Manual

  • Membrane: 2.5 x 40/4 x 40 HF4 membrane elements.
  • Advanced membrane 万博3.0下载 focusing on high permeate flow / low energy.
  • Pump and Motor: 1.5 or 2 HP Berkley centrifugal pump and motor. (Procon® on 600 & 1200 GPD models.) Units are configured for 208/230 VAC single phase.
  • Sediment Filter: 20” 5 micron filter. Removes sediment prior to membrane entry.
  • Pressure Gages: Shock and UV resistant liquid filled gages used for their superior quality, accuracy, and durability.
  • Low-Pressure Switch: Standard on all systems to protect the unit from the loss of water pressure.
  • Inlet Solenoid Value: Automatically shuts off water to the system.
  • TDS Meter: HM digital in-line dual TDS meter measures levels of both feed and product water. This is a very effective way to compare membrane performance and rejection rates.
  • Flow Meters: High-quality flow meters offer unparalleled performance and consistency.
  • Water Saver: Additional valving allows the system to recirculate reject water, thus saving on costly water
    discharge utilities.
  • Manual Flush: Pre-plumbed controller allows the equipment owner to rinse membranes with permeate (good water) at any time, thus removing contaminated water from the membranes.
  • Auto-Flush: Pre-plumbed control automatically activates a permeate rinse throughout the system after each production cycle removing contaminated water from the membranes.